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Most people think a leader has to do with position, status, or some direct reports.  But that has nothing to do with being a leader.   We all have reason to be a leader in whatever role we are in at any given time.

We all have a reason to desire to be a leader, and that is because if we want our lives to go where we want them to go, then we need to lead them there.  I am not just talking about our professional achievements from being a good or great leader; I am referring to just being a person who knows how to lead our own lives.  A leader is someone who takes responsibility for their behavior, actions, and performance.  Sometimes we don’t want that, but we all want to enjoy the success that comes with being a leader, and we want to be positioned to lead our lives.   If we all would take ownership of our behavior, actions, and performance the way that we see a great leader doing, what a different world this would be to live in and work in.  I don’t know of one person who does not want that for themselves, their loved ones and those that they care about on a daily basis.

So how do we change the mindset that we are all leaders and we don’t have to be promoted or assigned that role to accept it?  We have to change the way we think of ourselves by realizing that whatever we do if we were watching ourselves what would our interpretation of our behavior be?  How do we get to that mindset?  We have to train ourselves to think as a leader in all our actions.  Maybe you have heard the statement that leaders are born!   A leader is not based on their potential, but on their performance.  All of us can be trained to perform, and we can be coached to be a leader.

Imagine what a powerful nation we would be if we all were to become leaders. Would you like to be coached to be a leader?