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I got a question for you if you were to walk into a room into your office and see one of your close friends sitting down at their desk trying to work trying to create something beautiful and you saw this other dude come over and just start throwing insults at him just critiquing everything he does and he says

You made that mistake again. You always make that mistake. You’re just a screw-up. What is wrong with you. You keep making that same mistake Are you broken. What is your problem? You’re always gonna make that mistake. It’s only a matter of time until everybody figures out that you’re faking it. You’re a poser that you don’t have what it takes.

It would only be a few moments before you slam down on the desk and you say Hey buddy get out of here. This is my friend. You don’t have a right to talk to him like that. Hit the road. Then you would turn to your friend, you would look him right in the eyes and say hey I don’t know what he was just talking about but I’ll tell you what’s true. You are doing a good work. What you’re trying to do is a good thing and it’s a hard thing. We need you. Our team needs you. The world needs you to create what’s inside of you. And you’ve got to forget what these guys talk about. And you’ve got to believe the truth and the truth is you’ve got what it takes. I believe in you. You can do this. You’re going to get better every single day.

Well, guys that conversation actually happens all the time but it’s not visible. It’s in here. It’s in my head. It’s in your head. Look around your office. The people sit next to you. They’re dealing with it and your Slack channel. The people on your news feed. They’re dealing with the same thing.

Some call it resistance. Others call it head trash. Whatever you call it it is your enemy and its job is to steal, kill, and destroy. It stands between you and the work that you were created to do. I’m trying to bring light to this. I’m trying to help us all realize that this battle is going on in our heads. And guys. I deal with this more than anybody. I have so many days when I wake up and there is this battle and all those things I just told you about those are all things that I hear on a usual basis.

You screwed up again man you’ve got to change. You’re just never gonna amount to anything. You’re gonna always be wasted potential.

I praise God because I’ve got an incredible wife every day. She stands up for me. She tells me she says what lies are you believe in right now What lies do you need to reject. What truth do you need to hear? And then she pours truth over me. So guys right now I want to share that with you. Whatever is going on in your head I ask you right now to say what lies are you believing? What head trash do you need to say “hit the road head trash”? What truth do you need to fill yourself with? Because you have a work inside of you something that you have been called to do that the world needs. And there is an enemy who is trying to steal, kill, and destroy the work that’s in front of you. There is resistance that you’re going to have to overcome. I believe in you. I know you can do it but it’s gonna take work. It is hard hard work. You just gotta get rid of the head trash. Get rid of the lies. Believe the Truth. Share Comment tag anybody that needs to hear this message. I know I do every single day. Piece.